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Anyone who spends anytime at all fishing salt water can testify to the amount of damage that salt can do to tackle.

Each year, countless millions of dollars is spent replacing gear that has been eaten up by salt. When water gets on a surface, it evaporates!! When salt water gets on a surface, the water evaporates, but the salt remains! Repeated exposure and this salt builds up, binds together and salt crystals are formed. The more crystals, the heavier the build up! These salt crystals can start a grinding, sanding like action on gears and bearings when the reel is being cranked and can bind up the gears in a reel and make it malfunction!!! What a horrible way to lose a fish! We have talked with fishermen who have been on boats and had this happen!! Salt will do the same thing to rods, lures, surf fishing equipment, vehicles, etc. ALL of your fishing gear!

SALT-X is a NON-TOXIC & ENVIRONMENTALLY SAFE rinsing and flushing agent designed to do one thing……remove salt!!!

Not a cleaner or polish, SALT-X works quickly to remove even the harshest of salt buildup!! And it does this without touching oils or greases! SALT-X will not even harm monofilament line as proven in laboratory tests (copy available upon request), decals or coatings. Multiple laboratory tests and years of use in the field by fishermen and reel repair facilities have only proven that…… SALT-X WORKS!!! The number one comment of users and repair persons is "WOW!, that stuff is unbelievable!" Reel repair persons constantly tell us that they took their worst salt encrusted reel, mixed up a solution of SALT-X and water, soaked the reel overnight and could not believe how free of salt the reel was next morning.

To use SALT-X is simple!! Take a bottle of Ready To Use SALT-X and simply spray your reel thoroughly and let air dry!!! NO rubbing, scrubbing or further rinsing required!! It’s that simple!!! Do the same thing to rod guides to remove the green corrosion that builds up and keep it off! Spray your lures, hooks, pliers, knives, etc. ANY WHERE salt is a problem! If you are out for a day of fishing on your boat, on the pier or on the surf, keep a bottle of SALT-X spray handy in case it gets windy and salt spray starts getting on everything!!(Don’t forget your vehicle). Carry a bottle on long range trips where your equipment stays out in the salty elements!!! Try SALT-X for yourself and see why SALT-X is THE # 1 CHOICE of manufacturers and reel repair professionals!!!


Do NOT be fooled by copycat products on the market!!!!! We have received numerous calls from irate customers complaining about damage done to their fishing gear by products that appear to be SALT-X!! SALT-X was the first product on the market to address the problem of removing salt from fishing tackle, safely and economically!! Unlike copycat product(s) there are NO chemicals contained in SALT-X that have been deemed reproductive hazards and NO chemicals that will attack grease, oil, monofilament line or cause fading of paints or fabrics.


SALT-X Tips With A Little Humor!

SALT-X is a fishermen's best friend by protecting your substantial investment, with the low cost of SALT-X. SALT-X when diluted from it's concentrated form provides you with a weapon to fight salt and the corrosive effects associated with salt.

Having fished for many years and making the same mistakes year after year, I decided to start using SALT-X to rinse fishing reels and rods instead of fresh water. Fresh water rinsing though a good idea...causes harm by washing salt, which is a mineral into the cracks and crevices of our reels. Eventually, salt will buildup and destroy the reel. Worst yet!!! The drag might not work because of corrosion just when you have that BIG ONE HOOKED, after you spent years and $$$$ on trying to catch the BIG ONE.

The following steps should be taken before and after a fishing trip. The items highlighted in red below are optional but, you may find them useful when in a jam trying to justify the money you spent to go fishing!

  1. Have your friend take a picture of the catch of the day. Remember when you pose for the picture, the further back from the fish that you can stand will make the fish look bigger! This works well if you want a new boat. Don't forget to give the fish away before you go home!!
  2. If you didn't catch any fish ... Stop at a fish market and buy some fish! Make sure the fish you buy, is the type you can catch where you went fishing!
  3. Rehearse your story about the big one that got away!
  4. Now for the really hard part!!! Unload your gear and get your trusty bottle of SALT-X. Mix 2 oz of SALT-X to every gallon of water (for those of us that only made it to the first grade because we went fishing instead of going to school)... Use the SALT-X Magic Meter Bottle which will help you measure the correct amount of SALT-X to use per gallon of water. For best results use a plastic garbage can that you can put aside and keep ready with the SALT-X solution.
  5. Place all of your gear (not a good idea to insert your battery, wallet, or best friend) in the solution of SALT-X and commence doing 12 oz curls with your favorite beverage. This is a perfect time to tell the tall tales you practiced in step 3.
  6. Remove all the gear from the SALT-X solution and just let it air dry!

Congratulations you just killed all the salt and protected all of your expensive equipment.

For owners of highly sophisticated electric reels or those of us who want to make it easier, order our Auto Mix Unit. Attach the unit to a garden hose, attach a gallon of SALT-X to the unit and turn on the water. The Auto Mix Unit will blend the correct amount of SALT-X with the water. Then just aim, squeeze the handle, and rinse off your equipment. Air dry and you are done. The problem with this method is that you have no time for that favorite beverage and you won't look busy so ... Be Prepared To Carry In The Groceries!!!!

SALT-X can bring new life to salt encrusted items.
Take that reel that you love so much and soak it in SALT-X overnight. Remove the reel the next morning and let air dry! No rubbing, scrubbing or rinsing required!! Its that simple!! You will immediately notice that the reel operates smoother and the salt and corrosion buildup is gone.

Users of new braided lines as well as monofilament lines will benefit greatly from SALT-X, because salt crystals are an abrasive which can damage your lines over time.

Right about now you are probably saying "What About My Boat". Well, click on the word boat and let's cruise on over!

Have you got a Tall Tale To Share, then visit our Fishing Tales area!

Remember, if you want a new Rod, Reel, or Boat ... Make sure you take a picture with your better half in it. When you tell him or her that they will be on the web, that new fishing or boating "goody" will be yours before you know it!

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