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Download Data SheetSalt has long plagued that adventurous soul who dons mask, air tank and fins, then dives into the wonderful world of the sea.

The beauty beneath the sea can make even the best of equipment look horrible after several dives due to the onslaught of salt and its corrosive effect! Effectively removing salt without causing any problems to metal, glass, rubber, fabrics, etc. has not been an easy task. Care has to be taken in selecting the right product that will remove salt, but not attack materials used in manufacturing equipment.

When used as directed, SALT-X works quickly to remove all salt and salt film from all external and internal parts of your dive equipment!

As aggressive as SALT-X is in removing even the harshest of salt buildup, it will NOT harm rubber items, fabrics, metals, glass, etc.

To rinse your equipment, simply mix 2 ounces of SALT-X per gallon of water. We recommend using a 3 gallon garden type pump up sprayer when mixing up your SALT-X solution. This will enable you to spray fresh SALT-X solution at all times. When you finish your dive and before packing your equipment away, place all equipment in a bathtub or other flat area. Spray SALT-X solution thoroughly on all surfaces of your equipment and then allow to air dry! GREAT for rinsing underwater scooters!! You can even spray the inside of your bladder with about 1 quart of the diluted solution, shake the bladder well to rinse all inside areas, then empty and let dry. Your equipment is then ready to store until your next dive! If you are a regular diver and live near the ocean or have facilities where you stay during your dive trip, then you can mix up a solution of ½ gallon of SALT-X with 20 gallons of water in a 30 gallon plastic garbage can. Upon finishing your dive, immerse all equipment in the can for a few minutes, remove and store. Using a cup or other flexible container, pour about one quart of the solution into your bladder, shake well and empty. Keep lid on can when not in use. Change solution when salt film does not disappear when rinsing equipment.

While out diving and taking a break, keep a spray bottle of SALT-X solution handy to spray your regulator first stage and inside the BC inflator to help prevent sticking and ruining a dive! Use it on zippers to keep them working smoooothly!!!


Don’t be fooled by copycat products on the market!!! We have received numerous calls complaining about damage done to dive gear by products that appear to be SALT-X. SALT-X was the first and original product on the market to address the problem of salt removal, safely and economically. SALT-X contains NO harmful solvents that will attack rubber items, glass, or cause fading of fabrics!! Insist on…….

SALT-X……the number 1 choice of professional repair centers!!!

Download Data Sheet